Security Guard & Patrol Services through are provided by the top-rated Security Companies in the United States. 

Get highly trained security patrol service and loss prevention officers when you need them. You can choose armed and unarmed security guards to protect your business and assets. All certified guards have regular background checks done, and the security guards are trained at accredited and specialized security academies.

Security guards that specialize in Warehouse protection know the ins and outs of guarding large warehouse facilities. All guards stationed at a warehouse will be familiar with patrol routes, activity hotspots, and in constant contact with the control room monitoring cameras around the property.

Warehouse security guard

Event security requires specially trained security force that is familiar with crowd control. Don’t let concerts and festivals get out of hand. Security Guards for events are in high demand, so make sure you call with plenty of time in advance.

Event Security Guard

Another field of specialists, private security (aka bodyguards) are highly trained in Executive Protection. They have been trained to move VIPs and executives safely from motor vehicles into secure buildings without drawing attention.

Security Guard Earpiece

Front desk security guards for your busy corporate office are available, and always ready for duty.

Many security guards hired for commercial and corporate office settings become familiar with the people that work there every day, and have a good eye for spotting trouble.

Get security personnel that will protect your business and employees.

Office security desk

If you are a trained and certified guard, you can call our careers number and connect with an agency that can find a job placement. After dialing, press 1 when prompted.

If you are a security company that is interested in becoming a  HiredGuard partner, please call our toll-free number below and press 2 when prompted.

Call the toll-free number now: 1-844-920-2708

Security Guards

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