How Much Does It Cost To Hire A 24 Hour Bodyguard?

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A 24 Hour Bodyguard?

Hiring private security isn’t just for the famous; it’s now a necessity for many corporations or individuals. However, the cost of a security guard can vary drastically depending on a variety of factors. For example, in 2017, Facebook spent $7.3 million on security service for Mark Zuckerburg, which roughly averages $20,000 per day. Of course, this is an extreme example and not a typical security guard cost. Ultimately, the price of a bodyguard will depend on your specific needs.

Average Cost Per Hour

In the United States, the average cost per hour for a security guard ranges from $20-$30 an hour. Of course, this differs from state to state. Both New York and California see much higher rates than the average, with New York even having hourly rates over $75 per hour. While these wages might seem high to some, it’s critical to remember the potential dangers security guards are putting themselves in. They are being paid to stand in the line of fire between their client and any form of danger.

On average, individuals should expect to pay between $200 to $900 per day for a 24-hour bodyguard. Where you land on that range depends on the type of bodyguard you choose.

Types of Bodyguards

Executive protection, security guard, security specialist, personal protection, and bodyguard are all synonyms for the same type of service. are all synonyms for the same kind of service. A trained professional hired to protect you at all costs. The differences in bodyguards come in the qualifications of the bodyguards. The more training, the more experience, and the more heavily armed will result in higher costs.

Additionally, the price of personal protection will also vary extensively, depending on the type of security:

Full Time (24 Hour) Protection

Full time protection means a bodyguard spends 24 hours a day with their client. This type of service requires the bodyguard to either live on their client’s property, or a duo of bodyguards takes turns switching between day and night shifts. This type of protection is generally only needed for individuals that are at a higher than average risk of attacks, such as political candidates or volatile public figures. A full time bodyguard typically ranges between $1,000 to $1,500 per day.

Event Security

A team of bodyguards may be hired for a special event. When a person is attending an event and believes they may be in danger, they can hire a team to protect them from the crowd. For example, a speaker at an event that has stirred up some protest. This type of service is on an as-needed basis but often requires multiple security guards. On average, event security costs $45 an hour per guard.

Unarmed Driver

An unarmed driver is a popular choice for some clients. However, the driver only protects the client while they’re in the car and will not escort individuals from door-to-door. The typical cost for an unarmed driver is $350 per day.

Armed Driver

For around $500 per day, you can hire a licensed, armed driver. Some laws restrict the driver from brandishing their weapon unless they genuinely believe their client’s life is in danger. With drivers, the protection starts and ends at the car, so it’s not a full-service package.

Personal Security Agents

A personal security guard is usually highly trained and has a background in law enforcement or the military. You can hire these agents unarmed ($500 per day) or armed ($750 per day). The cost will increase if you require personal agents to travel internationally. With these agents, clients are protected throughout their entire day. You choose how many hours you hire the agent for, and they follow you everywhere throughout the day.

Executive Protection: Top Level Security

The elite of bodyguard security is “executive protection.” Typically, this type of service is common for political figures, royalty, celebrities, and CEOs. This type of protection comes with a full team (usually ten guards) and around the clock surveillance. All hired guards are thoroughly vetted with background checks. They go through extensive training and often have experiences in careers such as being in the Secret Service. The cost for this level of security can be as much as $100-$150 per person, per hour.

When it comes to security solutions, the first step is to analyze your needs. You need to ask yourself how many hours of protection you need, if the guards should be armed or unarmed, how extensively they need to be trained, and how many guards you require. While this type of protection can be a significant expense, it can also be what saves your life.

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