What Should You Look For In Security Guards Before Hiring Them?

What Should You Look For In Security Guards Before Hiring Them?

Almost any type of business can benefit from having a security guard. From construction sites to retail stores, corporate office buildings, and academic institutions, there is always a need for protection. Security guards can protect your business, your employees, your customers, and your property.

As more organizations realize the immense benefits of security guards, the industry has seen tremendous growth. From 2006 to 2016, the security guard service industry has grown by 17%. Before you jump into hiring a security team, it’s essential to know what to consider.

Keep reading for a complete breakdown of what you should look for when hiring a security company.

Local Versus National Security Companies

Conduct some research to find out of the company is a local, national, or international company. A local company may provide better service as they value your service more. However, a national company may be able to offer cheaper rates.

Customer Service Centric

You need to trust your security guard company to be able to provide you with reliable security as well as address any concerns that come up. Ask yourself if the company has any processes in place to keep their customers happy. Do they have a customer support line you can reach during business hours? Or, are you assigned an account representative you contact when concerns come up?

Security Only

Generally, you want to avoid companies that offer multiple services such as cleaning, landscaping, and security all in one. A company that specializes in security will typically do a better job. Companies that are offering multiple services can’t provide the quality security team you need as their focus is split across various service offerings.


Before hiring any service, review their reputation online. Positive reviews from current and past customers indicate a reliable company. When you’re considering hiring a security company, ask for them to provide you with references to existing customers you can contact. You can also check reviews on the Better Business Bureau website for candid and honest experiences.


You may have specific needs, such as requiring security personnel overnight or extra security personnel during holiday hours or special events. Ask if the company can fit all your particular needs and if they agree to changes in requirements readily.

Licensed & Insured

Security guards require proper licensing, and the company should have liability insurance. In the event of an altercation on your property, licensing and insurance protects your business from legal responsibility.

Guard Monitoring

Many security guard companies now offer GPS tracking on their employees. This ensures, especially for after-hour shifts, the security guard stays where they’re supposed to even when no one is watching them. If this is important to you, you can easily find a company that provides this option.

Armed or Unarmed

Not all security companies offer armed guards. You should analyze whether this is a requirement for your organization and which companies can provide this option. Remember, armed guards are more expensive as they typically require more training.


Pricing will dictate which security company you can choose. In general, security guards can be expensive cost. It’s a service that you need for many hours of the day (or around the clock). Additionally, the security personnel is potentially putting themselves in danger. However, this isn’t a service that you want to cut costs on. Your security personnel is there to protect you, so make sure you budget and can hire a quality, reliable security.

Trained Guards

Some security guard companies don’t require training for their personnel. Ask the company if they provide training and the details of their training programs. In general, you want a company that offers its own training and isn’t relying on its employees to know how to handle themselves.

Background Checks

Security personnel typically has complete, unrestricted access to all parts of your business. Find a security company that conducts background checks on its employees so you know you can trust them.

Hiring a security company is the responsible choice for your business operations. Take the time to conduct thorough research and compare a few options before making a decision.

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